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What will happen?

Expect a highly participatory event where we will get our hands on real projects, prototype, ideate and dream together. We will have experts and local partners sharing their knowledge about water management, bio-construction, agroforestry, reforestation, architecture, natural building, master planning and tokenizing the regeneration with blockchain and NFTs.

re:build Portugal schedule

Each morning will begin with a wellness activity. We will make sure to allow a lot of time during meals for everyone to enjoy the food and get to know each other. We will have an unconference element where we can self-organise around shared interests and conversations. We will also host a wide range of evening activities that include cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance, an experiential dinner and a techno party on the final night. However, central to each re:build gathering is the intention to learn by doing and experience hands-on building workshops such as building up a pond, planting a food forest, working with natural construction materials. With each gathering we strive to leave a better trace in the village that we visit together.

Our cooking team is Salsa em Festa. This is an amazing ethical kitchen project run by two inspiring portuguese women Joana and Eva. Their philosophy is cooking with local ingredients, no waste and celebration through food and community meals.

They have been in touch with a local regenerative farm, Monte Mimo - that has already been supplying this summer Traditional Dream Factory with the weekly veggie box. Rita & Sergio at Monte Mimo have planted a few months ahead of the event the veggies that we will savor in the thoughtful menu for re:build.

Additionally we have Ina and Claudia from Tamera. They are experienced cooks from a community with a long tradition in these alentejano lands. They will cook a couple of lunches for us and will support our kitchen in the make with some of the tools and machines we need. Feels so amazing to be supported by the bio-region from the very early days of the project!

If you still have doubts you can always write to us to

The magic of a re:build physical gathering is that you get to see a village being built in its raw form. You get to learn about the full story - the behind the scenes cut of what it really takes to make it happen. It’s going to be very real and hands on. There will also be plenty of time for human connection, where we can just enjoy being in nature together, with great music and opportunities to dance to the sunset.


Prices vary depending on the accommodation that you choose but they range from 300€ to 480€*, including food and everything else, except transportation.

The money you are paying is divided into 3 parts:

1/3 hosting venue: for logistics & building infrastructure;

1/3 food: to support local regenerative producers & farms

1/3 for partner projects, content & experts

*(volunteers get a 100€ discount - if you signed up to volunteer, you should have received an email last week with more information - If not, let us know!)

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We created re:build to enable more effective cross-pollination and knowledge sharing across a global network of people and organisations who are working on regenerative co-living, co-housing and village building projects.

Where others see the beginning of a terrifying dystopia, we see the beginning of a new era.

Now is the time to

  • re:think
  • re:generate
  • re:imagine
  • re:build


We will be co-creating workshops and practical conversations focused on the following themes.

re:build framework

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Covid 19 information: We are mindful of the delicate and complex balance between the current global situation, and the need to get back to some level of normalcy and in-person connection. Re:build will happen outdoors and we will implement the safety measures that will be necessary at the time of the event.