Closing circle at re:build Portugal 2021.

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The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working, freeing millions to choose where they live without constraint. It has also awakened in so many of us the desire to live differently; closer to nature and in community.

Our mission is to inspire and embolden a global movement of re:builders who are ready to step into action and build new villages, in both rural and urban locations, that embody and celebrate regenerative values and principles.

Each year we host an online global festival and enable physical gatherings that bring together re:builders, landowners and investors to share their expertise and collabo- rate on new partnerships and projects.

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No upcoming events.

re:build at Traditional Dream Factory


Alongside online festivals and physical gatherings, re:build will be actively inter- viewing and publishing case studies, interviews and podcasts of inspiring vil- lage projects.

We are involved in curating a shared library of village building knowledge, cre- ating a global map of village projects and a global directory of village builders.

We envision re:build evolving into an incubator for regenerative village devel- opment as well as matching landowners and investors with builders and com- munities across the world.


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