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We created re:build to enable more effective cross-pollination and knowledge sharing across a global network of people and organisation who are working on regenerative co-living, co-housing and village building projects.

Where others see the beginning of a terrifying dystopia, we see the beginning of a new era.

Now is the time to

  • re:think
  • re:generate
  • re:imagine
  • re:build


We will be co-creating workshops and practical conversations focused on the following themes.

re:build framework


Our vision is to bring together communities, organisations and professionals from across the world who share passions and beliefs about the power of regenerative design. We believe that building rural villages and community spaces will be essential to enabling a regenerative culture and economy to emerge and flourish in the years to come. And so we decided to organise our first 5-day gathering in Alentejo, Portugal.

We will meet at a lake in Crato, on the land of Waking Life (2 hours from Lisbon airport). Waking Life is a project and community that aims to bring environmental and social re-generation through artistic and permaculture practices, both to the local community and participants involved in the project.

Don’t think about re:build like a conference.

We will build. We will co-create. We will design.

We are re:imagining how we gather and interact. Online pre-engagement. Unconference model. Design thinking sprints. Experience design wireframe. Biomimetic principles. Deep connections. Immersive dinners. DJs and dancing into the night.

Join re:build


Let’s make 2021 a year to remember!

Join us

Covid 19 information: We are incredibly mindful of the delicate and complex balance between our global situation with spiking covid cases and the need to get back to some level of normalcy and in-person connection. Our event happens outdoors and we will implement whatever safety measures we deem necessary according to the situation at the time, putting extreme care for each one of our participants. We trust that the situation will be much better by May 2021, but we will be incredibly honest with ourselves and in the event that safe gatherings will not be possible in Portugal in May, the event will be postponed to September 2021. There will be online content in addition to the physical event since we know you can't wait to get started.